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All funds governed by the team will be secured with multisigs to prevent individual failures.

Eyeseek will never require user personal information to reveal his identity (name, email, age, gender etc.). Blockchain wallets like Metamask will secure authentication, and user profiles and preferences will only be related to the wallet address.

Eyseek will publicly expose (under the agreement) preferences about interests and skills related to wallet address as it is used to customize most application features. Users can reveal their identity only by themselves by completing a specific task in module Quests. For example, a connection is created between the Github account and the wallet address by solving a Github issue. Solving the issue will produce public proof of skill traceable on-chain.

Smart contracts will be publicly accessible, verified by blockchain explorer, and scanned by security analysis tooling Slither and Manticore. All of the project's smart contracts won't have the backdoor possibility to drain locked resources by any user or team; this will eliminate the risk of attack on crowdfunding features.

Security audits will be considered in case of Eyeseek's success in investment rounds. Despite the fact that the app will not operate with such amount as dapps in Defi or NFT space, smart contracts will still handle token supply and reward distribution worthy of auditing for the satisfaction of users and potential investors .