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Another underestimated concept in the space is the presumption that everyone knows English. Even though, ironically, this document won't be translated further anytime soon, both web and mobile apps will be translated from the beginning to 17 languages with a possibility to extend the number per community requests. Even though the majority of languages won't be localized professionall y and instead by tools leading to lower translation quality, it removes barriers for non-technical users. It allows them to engage in social games created by local communities.

This approach will bring us two advantages and one disadvantage. Some translations will look in the beginning ridiculously incorrect, which might cause bad shades and discourage potential partners from involving. But to raise the probability Eyeseek will be used locally on a geographical level, any translation effort should open doors that are closed for most social dapps trying to break through.

Another advantage would be demonstrating an exemplary use case - incentivizing the community to review and correct texts by creating in-app bounties.

List of supported languages in initial design:

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Czech

From which only English and Czech texts will be processed manually , (For other languages, we'll try tooling like Localazy or some of the Google services). English as the default project language, Czech as my native, and an experimental in-app language to see whether we can create benefits by choosing an unorthodox playful style of wording.