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Eyeseek by its open design introduces risks leading to the sanctioning or banning ofmobile apps from Google or Apple stores. This scenario may occur in the phase after DAO establishment if the autonomous reporting model will not cover all unacceptable cases and allow using the app for any illegal activity even for a limited time.

The initial architecture must rely in the beginning on off-chain computation so the team would be able to flexibly calibrate rewards and reputation model in testnet and protect against malicious users.

The pre-release phase will use blockchain mainly only as a reward distribution system. After beta, if the reputation model is set correctly, the core group of trusted users will take part in the auto-regulation process and auto-management mechanisms could be exposed on the chain in a transparent environment.

With the assumption project successfully gains positive traction, the next decentralization step in the later stages after release would be to substitute centralized off-chain computation infrastructure - Client, Server, and NoSQL database.

Web decentralization

At the time (1 year) from now, it is expected to choose between two architectural concepts to migrate web parts into more censorship-resistant structures:

  1. Refactor off-chain computation using a completely web3 stack (IPFS Layer 2 services for data and website, highly scalable blockchain solution to replace backend)
  2. Deploy servers as-is in the decentralized market with computing resources (Akash, Flux)

Although there is plenty of time to decide which variant will suit best, the 2nd option seems to be more probable because it is working right now. It would be less complex to adopt in terms of the codebase migration, and also cheaper on a larger scale even though the state of blockchain transaction performance could rapidly increase in the following years thanks to rollup layers.

Mobile decentralization and its challenge

The last and most challenging question would lay in the reality of how much we would be able to decentralize the existence of a mobile app in Google and Apple Store. Eyeseek aims to be supported initially in both stores to increase the probability of becoming acknowledged. The project's idea is to give the community options to build new use cases, visuals and content, where other users and their "reporting" button are only regulatory.

We will consider using alternative app stores with decentralized backgrounds, but as for the current state, there is no reliable provider like that in the market. The second option is to move mobile apps into the hybrid web-mobile environment like PWA, where users could run mobile apps in the web browser with a mobile-like experience.


To achieve application will run autonomously with the ability to develop long-term after all planned features are released, it will be needed to establish a Decentralized Organization (DAO) to distribute management power and responsibility to token holders.

DAO participants will be able to change immediately after passing proposals to

  • Change protocol fees
  • Change reward multipliers
  • Develop new feature
  • Decide about treasury distribution

With an estimation to establish DAO approximately 1 year from mainnet release , the set of DAO priveledges will vary based on the direction project evolves. Our team has to prepare tools, templates, tutorials, and a list of recommendations, to prepare an environment capable of managing the project and resources without the intervention of the original team.

DAO will have an option to choose different suppliers for specific tasks and finance them from the reserves. With an open-source, well-documented codebase, DAO can acquire resources from communities worldwide for reasonable costs.

Eyeseek's original development team members can freely decide whether to engage in the project as tokenholders as DAO members or freelancers working on improvements after DAO era. They will also be free to leave and choose different paths thanks to the independent state after DAO.

DAO Bounty

Another experiment with game characteristics is designed in fee distribution logic, where 50% of the fee is permanently burned to regulate inflation caused by the reward module, 50% is moved to the treasury. Treasury will stay untouched until the DAO era unless a critical fuckup happens in Eyeseek or its underlying blockchain. All resources gathered during the 1 year of existence would be available for DAO and possible to distribute after establishment - this concept will be called DAO Bounty.

Value of the treasury and potentially DAO Bounty will be real-time visible in both web & mobile applications for everyone to see an increasing number as a reward for long-term tokenholders. DAO Bounty will be attractive only with the assumption of a growing network; more users will lead proportionally to more spent resources into the promotion module and at the same time to token price appreciation thanks to in-game using and token speculations, causing a quadratic effect of the total amount in the bounty.