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Eyeseek is a social app using blockchain technology and its financial properties to gamify day-to-day activities and reward good behavior that benefits all other app users.

Mobile and web applications contain three open functional frameworks , all with different purposes using game theory mechanisms for useful activities with more excitement:

  1. Quests: Ask for help or get rewarded for good deeds
  2. Shark tank: Promote ideas, services, products and get valuable feedback
  3. Chain funding: Gamified crowdfunding and charity funding. Rebranded to "Eyeseek Funding" during Moralis x Google hackathon event.

Main motivation and challenge of this project is to spread the mentality that " being kind could be fun too " , applying concepts where addictive social applications or games drain lifetimes for profit and transform the effort rather into support of good deads like self-improving, science and open-source project contribution or charity donation. All in the environment where each user profits from the application's success