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🚀 Create first project

Anyone with EVM wallet like Metaamsk or WalletConnect can create a project and start accepting donations.

  • no KYC is needed yet from both creators and backers.

create a project

Project creation​

Crowdfunding project is created in 4 simple steps.

  • Define funding type.
  • Specify project details.
  • Set funding goal.
  • Create a project on the blockchain.

1. Project types & categories​

Project type differentiates method of payments used for funding. Categories and subcategories help users to find projects they are interested in.

Standard type​

Recommended for new projects boosting ideas from scratch.

  • Kickstarter-like donations.
  • Offer usual rewards, ERC20 tokens or ERC1155 NFTs.
  • Supported on Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom.
  • Microfund strategies, incentivize smaller backers.

Stream type​

Ideal for already-built projects looking to fund open-source or non-profit activities.

  • Single-chain payment streaming.
  • Supported only on Polygon.
  • Payment in super token (Wrapped ERC20).
  • Powered by Superfluid.


There is no restriction what to found outside illegal activities, terrorism, child porn etc. By nature of the industry where this project came from, the environment is most friendly for digital projects like:

  • Startup tech projects
  • Web3 applications
  • Open-source software

Our team will encourage effort to integrate with Github and Dework to allow financing specific tasks in product backlog open for freelancers or builders from community.

Although with larger network it is expected quality of the UX will follow and attractivity for traditional crowdfunding project types like

  • Board games
  • Tech gadgets
  • Publications

2. Project story​

Story provides references to the project and its goals. It is displayed on the project page and is used to attract backers.

  • Image representation of the project, stored in IPFS
  • Project Title and short Description.
  • Official website of the project.
  • Primary socials of the project. It could be Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.
  • YouTube video link (optional but recommended). Video could contain anything to bring more detail about the project. Like demo, presentation, advertisement.

Our application will not store a rich amount of project detail on its website, we will encourage to provide enough information on your website and socials, to which you can refer.

3. Funding goal​

  • The goal is the amount of money you need to complete the project.
  • Pick blockchain on which you would like to receive resources.

The deadline is the date when the project will end (right now hard set on 30 days). If the goal is not reached by the deadline, the project will fail and resources will be returned to backers. Amount goal information is stored on-chain and cannot be manipulated by anyone after the project is created.

4. Create project​

Verify all form inputs in short summary and create a project on the blockchain on one click.

  • Wallet confirmation is required in order to save your project on the blockchain.

Rewards are created after the project is created. They are not mandatory, but they are a great way to incentivize backers to donate to your project.