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⏰ Notifications

Eyeseek does not require any email or physical address from backers. Only way to communicate with backers is through the application's notifications.

Project canceledProject creator canceled the project
Project updateProject creator posted an update
Project fundedProject crowdfunding successfully ended
Reward addedProject creator added a new reward to bookmarked project

notification panel


You are automatically added to the list of watchers after project backing. You can also add the project to your bookmark list manually.


All bookmarked could be found in the bookmark panel in section "My" -> "Bookmarks"

bookmark panel

Direct messages​

You can send direct messages to your backers and inform them about the project progress or reward settlement. All you need is just filling the message and pass wallet address of the receiver. Message will be displayed in the notification panel.


Reward notifications​

If you wish to notify larger group of backers about the reward settlement, you can use the reward notification tool in project discover section.

reward noti